This project is tasked with developing and documenting a 100% compostable bioplastic module growing system for use in small scale organic food production. The system is to offer tailored solutions for cultivation of various crops and be used by people of all ages.

Expected environmental outcomes
• create a fully biodegradable growing container; reducing the use of agricultural plastics
• provide equipment options viable for more hygienic grow mediums; reducing diseases in crops
• encourage the marked for development & creation of fully biodegradable alternatives to plastic
• stimulate alternative options for agriculture; ie cultivation of bioplastic raw materials
• facilitate module farm solutions; contribute to increased organic food production

It is important to carry out this project, as there is a need for empirical data, and case studies of various solutions. This will help us mitigate waste and manage available Earth resources.
MADRUGADA is a step in the direction of a sustainable, regenerative existence.