Current Development

View from Seter


**COMPLETED** Stage 1 – Concept Design & Project Planning

Concept Definition – gave the idea shape & defined major points, revenue streams, and customer base

Holistic Management – defined our overview of goals & visions and management objectives (How we would manage our farm, control mechanisms, management infrastructure and resource management)

Site Requirements – began the search for potential locations in the southern half of Norway. Desired prerequisites were secure and movable water source, stable landscape not prone to flooding, accessible by public transportation, hardy zone capable of a 3 month growing season, below the ‘tree line’, space for pasture, orchard, gardens, activity areas and structures (10+ hectares).

Start-up Budget – applied for and gathered initial start-up budget required for market research, training, location, equipment, services and initial design costs.

Start-up Team & Training – assembled key personnel comprised of tradesmen, engineers, designers and farmers, situated to implement plans for the farm. Courses were taken for permaculture design to develop the bridge between the members’ skill sets and create a viable farm infrastructure.

**COMPLETED**Stage 2  – Buy the Farm

Project PitchGledeGaard’s pitch has been presented to Innovation Norway, a grant providing organization, and they are keen to see it developed. However, we must have the property in advance in order to complete the financing and grant applications.

Crowdfunding Campaign Prep – Defined campaign structure and gifts (Perks) for backers. Budgeting fees, costs and identifying minimum goal amount. we rallied interest of local and inner networks. Obtain a donation match fund for 25% of goal.

IndieGoGo Campaign launched – Launch live campaign for the final design and property costs of the farm. First $15,000 will be matched (dollar for dollar)- thanks to the Benefactors of GledeGaard.

Result:(Funds will be made available to us in March):

  • $21,000 – Total raised  (IndieGoGo + Benefactors of GledeGaard donation + Start-up funding)
  • Final design costs are covered
  • 36-40% down payment for property (We can start bidding in March!)
  • Completed IndieGoGo campaign helps our grant applications for further funding (Innovation Norway & Landbruksdirektoratet)
  • Generosity Campaign via IndieGoGo is now feasible (people can still donate!)

Property Search – We reviewed and bid on properties and now GledeGaard is on the map

**UNDERWAY**Stage 3 – Final Site Design

Designing the Gledegaard –  The design of the farm after site and season mapping. This is the foundation of the property’s permaculture features.

Terra Forming – Planning for terra forming and gardening plots will begin. Establishing tree lanes, garden beds, bergs and channels

Sowing – Planting orchard trees and bushes, vegetation walls and kitchen herb and vegetable can be sowed.

Stage 4 – Living Quarters, Structures and Equipment
Time to set additional buildings on the property for the creatures on the farm (barns, chicken mobile, and other agricultural structures), along with equipment needed to work the farm and workshop. Lodging to also be set up.

Stage 5 – Gardens, Greenhouse and Creatures
Establishing the 4 seasons garden, the labyrinth raised vegetable garden, amphitheater (space providing), sub-terrain green house (possible with heating), and bring in the creatures to their new home.

Stage 6 – Activity Areas
Building fire pits, walking trails, orienteering course, obstacle course, rock climbing wall, parkour course, tree walk, fairy trails and zip line (elevation providing) where possible. Gearing up for team-buildings, field trip visits, event hosting and farming workshops.

Stage 7 – Going Green
Implementing off grid energy solutions, wax candles, fire stoves, water heating, and wind energy depending on landscape resources.

Stage 8 – Posterity
Goal is to close out the mortgage, save for maintenance expenses, (life-long medical for the animals), canning & jarring pantry, and emergency shelter.