farm fox

Mindfulness increases well-being and mental health. It is a state of being aware of yourself, things around you and their interactions. I wanted to make opportunities where a person can just take in existence and be grounded in for a moment. Life seems so fast-paced nowadays that time to just be still, breathe, observe and experience more than modern novelties feels scarce.  We’re hoping to make it a bit easier to step away.

Farm animal contact – creatures (aka floofs) incite our observation of beings outside ourselves. Their personalities and behaviors allow us to become aware of our interactions with other creatures that are very much like and unlike ourselves.

Wild nature contact – seasons, vegetation and undomesticated creatures allow us to engage our innate free will. Maintained and regenerated wildlife is a major part of the farm

Natural resource awareness – everything we do is part of a continuous chain of actions and reactions. Awareness of the full spectrum of natural resource loops and our place in the scheme of things allows us to be more mindful of our actions & ideals and thus their affects on the environment

Organic permaculture farming methods – in line with mindfulness are the methods of our stewardship of the earth. The best stewardship method incorporating the most positive and effective inputs is permaculture. It is essentially functional designs that creates spirals of growth and decay that mimic nature’s rhythms and controls. Taking part and witnessing this allows visitors to physically exercise mindfulness.