Giving and being generous is connected to the reward mechanism in our brains. Being generous, altruistic and compassionate just makes people feel better. The deepest way to participate in nurturing happiness is to Give, so we’re planning ways to receive and reciprocate generosity.

Pay it forward farm-stays – Patrons are encouraged to join us in a pay it forward option to allow others with less the opportunity to stay as they have. With pay it forward visitors can cover some costs as a gift to future guests.

Not-for-profit ideals – Life is the sum of our experiences, it is a priceless thing. We believe taking part in giving and gaining experience should be the leading priority and less focused on continuous economic gain. Fees are kept to near non-profit minimums to allow as many visitors to experience GledeGaard.

Assisting less-able visitors – Whether by birth, age or circumstance, our community is full of people with diverse needs. Visitors will be able to give of themselves so that someone less able may also experience activities to the fullest.

Donation (books, funds, time, etc) – We all have something to give. So the farm will place inlets and outlets in its infrastructure to welcome and dispense resources that keep the farm and community growing

Experience opportunities – the farm will be performing several projects over the years that will afford interested visitors the chance to partake in or observe our projects in their free time.

Gain farm experience (WWOOFing)World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms is a program that links people with farmers that grow organically using ecologically sound methods to provide people with hands-on experience. Through structured modules of learning we would like to welcome learners and give knowledge.