winter girls

Health of the mind is dependent on continuous stimulation. Learning (formal and recreational) allows the mind to function positively for much longer. In remembering childhood, I recall that the best way to stimulate your mind is to satisfy Curiosity.

Hidden trails –  follow your inclinations to go off the beaten path. Find hidden art pieces and places of natural beauty

Nordic rune signs –  with alphabet  keys, visitors can follow trails and clues in an old language and read the names of the founders of the farm in the runic accents placed in paths and on monuments

Art in the landscape –  art expression has linked our imaginations and personalities over generations. Art will be placed throughout the farm in continuation of the curious manifestations of the mind

Workshops and courses –  learning encompasses formal and informal skills. A homestead provides endless lessons and skills to be learned. Workshops and courses , of long and short duration, allow visitors to take part in continuous learning

Labyrinth market garden –  puzzles amuse and tickle minds, and incorporating this into a homestead function allows visitors to get lost and un-lost in the growing of goods.

Research & Development – Farm environments provide endless data that help us understand our food systems and fellow creatures. Collecting and analyzing this information will be part of our farming process and allow others to replicate or research the same for their farms/homesteads