Bakken Bakery

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What’s a little farm without a little sweetness?

Sivertsen Sweet was the original company name before GledeGaard found its location at Strømsengbakken (rough translation: stream’s field – hill). In 2013, the thought was to sell American gourmet original recipe cupcakes and treats. The hope was to have a charming little shop, hole in the wall type of place, that sold a small quantity of cupcakes and delights. Even though the dream of starting the farm developed, this little sweet spot is surely coming with us.

The delights of GledeGaard at Strømsengbakken

GledeGaard Death by ChocolateDeath by Chocolate,  Lemony-snickets Cupcakes and Others

So good you could just die…nearly a full kilo (2,2lbs) of chocolate go into a batch of Death by Chocolate cupcakes. They have a rich dark chocolate flavor. The frosting is Whipped Milk Chocolate.

Life gave you lemons, eh? …made from fresh squeezed organic lemons, Lemony-snickets are a refreshing real lemon flavor unlike the typical lemon cakes you have tried. The frosting is a fluffy Lemon Sorbet Whip with enough tang to delight your taste buds.

Cakes that are flavored with flowers, honey, chocolate, herbs, spices, caramel and fruits in wonderful Willy Wonka-esque ways. We look forward to serving these to guests that would love to have farmhouse weddings and other events

GledeGaard Popcorn balls

Various Sweets and Delights

Popcorn treats ranging from caramel covered poppycock to marshmallow popcorn balls put a twist on the crunchy fluffy favorite

  • Cookies filled with chocolates, caramels, fruits and more make up our cookie selection. Many are twists on old favorites and all are baked to that warm crunchy-chewy cookie sweet spot we love.
  • Candies anything we fancy to make, from honey and molasses chews, hard candies, fudges, pralines and caramels fill in the corners of the bakery. Gives us all the sweet little somethings grandparents would slip us while mom and dad weren’t watching.
  • Others…we’re constantly coming up with stuff. Come by and see; we can’t really say what it will be before we make it. Well, it will be good, in any case…

GledeGaard Mulled Wine - gloeggBeverages to wash it all down

A holiday favorite in the dark winters of Norway, Gløgg – mulled wine that warms you down to your soul. It’s full of earthy spices that are steeped a long while in sunberry and apple juices. For a little punch, port wine (or any red wine) is added to make it a festive favorite.

Hot and sweet drinks hot chocolate most definitely makes the list. And from all shades of chocolate, made with milk and cream along with other flavored drinks.

Toddies made from warmed fruit juices and herbs take the chill away and help ward off the ailments from the deep winters here. Far better way to take your medicine.

Cool and refreshing drinks are also in need in Norway during their ‘green’ winters (aka summer). From Southern style ice tea to blueberry lemonade, we’ve got something to cool you down on a warm farm day.

Home brew can’t be forgotten. We’ll be brewing our own beers on the farm as well. Nice way to end a hard day in the fields.