Grow Happiness

Growing Happiness

Seems like an abstract concept or at least an intangible goal – growing happiness. It’s one of the things we crave most in our lives. Yet a disproportionate resources seems to be focused on empirically finding out how to get it. Personally, I didn’t think to look for a better answer until I had failed to attain happiness via the traditional routes of aspiring to fulfillment and happiness.

The key to growing happiness is linked to our well-being; it is a byproduct you could say. By directing the objectives of our activity areas to meet the needs for well-being, we are initiating the growth of happiness.

The way in which this is measured is through daily achievement of 5 actions that increase well-being. Through inductive reasoning, we can then observe specific instances and thereafter, infer more specific principles related to variables. For instance, how much time should be spent in each activity.

The 5 Actions of Well-being on GledeGaard

Be Active: activity areas to get you moving – Orientation challenges; Scavenger hunts; Wheelchair accessible areas, walking & biking paths; skiing paths

Be Connected: gathering areas to keep you close to the people you cherish – Farm-stay opportunities; Camping areas; Fire-pits; Amphitheater; Gardens – also wheelchair accessible

Be Mindful: opportunities to interact with your surroundings – Farm animal contact; Wild nature contact; Natural resource awareness; Organic farming methods

Be Curious: stimulation for your mind – Hidden trails; Nordic rune signs; Art in the landscape; Workshops; Research & Development

Be Generous: a system that nurtures altruistic giving – Pay it forward farm-stays; Assisting less physically capable visitors; Donation (books, funds, time, etc); Volunteer to help around the farm  and gain farm experience (WWOOFing)