Physical activity promotes emotional and physical health. Emotions happen in the body, physically, and the fastest way to positively shift your emotions is to Get Moving. The country generally provides ample opportunities to be active. However, it’s something I wanted to incorporate with designated spaces on the farm. Fun and a tad bid safer.

Obstacle Course – activity posts that challenge dexterity, flexibility, stamina and strength

Orientation Routes – markers with coordinates leading you throughout the farm

Climbing Wall – wall leading to a farm watch tower that appeases that inner climber

Walking & Biking Paths – leisurely strolls & bike rides on a colorful runic pathway along pastures and farm spaces.

Skiing trails – bring out the skis, the snow shoes, sleds and the sleighs. Nordic winters gift us with winter wonderlands that can’t be missed

Still trying to see if it’s possible to add:

Parkour Course  – course of obstacles you have to climb, jump and work through to make it to the top of a farm watch tower

Tree walk – take a higher route and enjoy the forest with pathways linked by trees. If we’re really lucky, the forest spaces will supply us with trees for this trail.